Clinical Diagnosis in Ayurveda: A Practical Book of Ayurvedic Diagnosis in the Light of Modern Medical Science



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Clinical diagnosis is art with a scientific basis, to achieve that art this book is highly useful. To become a perfect Ayurvedic physician you must have knowledge of Ayurvedic fundamentals and their role in diagnosis and for a plan of treatment for which this book is recommended.

This book is divided into three sections. Section-I (containing 7 chapters) deals with general examination and case-taking based on classical methods of Panchendriya Pariksha, Ashtavidha pariksha and Dashavidha Pariksha. Section-Il (containing 14 chapters) discusses in detail the systemic examination based on the concept of Trayodasha srotas pariksha as described by Charaka. Section – III (containing 2 chapters) specially deals with the examination of Tridosha and the examination of Manas. This book also becomes a guide to know the utility of laboratory investigations in each condition. This book mostly deals with clinical diagnosis on Ayurvedic lines, along with modern parameters.

The Author has varied clinical experience in tribal, rural, suburban, urban setup and his involvement in clinical teaching, research activities, has greatly enriched this book for the benefit of clinicians.

“The learned author with his deep textual knowledge and practical clinical experience deals with the subject in a comprehensive manner aiming to identify the hidden knowledge about disease…”

…the study and practice of Ayurvedic medicine in the right perspective adopting in-depth original knowledge of Ayurveda as well as conventional science with the ability to develop an appropriate interface of the two counterpart sciences yielding bilateral benefit with scientific temper.


About the Author

Prof. Dr. M. Srinivasulu passed his graduate and postgraduate studies in Ayurveda as a university ranker from the Osmania University. Doctoral studies done at National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur on Hyperlipidemias. Apart from Ayurvedic courses underwent post-graduate courses in psychology and medicinal botany. He completed 30 years of service in Govt. of Andhra Pradesh as Medical Officer, inspecting Medical Officer, Lecturer, Asst. Professor, Professor (UG) and retired as Professor P.G & Head of PostGraduate Department of Panchakarma, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad, A.P.

He has vast clinical experience as a physician since he worked in rural, tribal, suburban, and urban setups. His entire teaching was as a clinical teacher for Undergraduate, Post graduate and Ph.D scholars. His core subject of interest is the Concept of Ama and its related disorders. Evolved pathological parameters in diagnosing the Saama conditions. Done many works on physiological concepts of Ayurveda, like estimation of Ramraksha parimanas and Prakriti in relation to blood groups, etc.

Participated in more than 115 International/National seminars, symposiums, workshops in the country as paper presenter/guest speaker/chairman and as resource person. Have given invited lectures in prestigious institutions and scientific firms like IIT-Bombay, Madras, Delhi, JAM, IRI, NPL, CSIR Organizations, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Sciences, NIMI-IANS, Bangalore, etc. More than 80 publications are to his credit, including reputed books like ‘Fundamentals of Kayachikitsa’, ‘Concept of Ama’ which took 2nd edition also.

Engaged in postgraduate entrance coaching, preparing many students to achieve their targets and published books like ‘Brihattrayi Prashnavali’ and ‘Laghu Trayi Prashnavali’. Life member of many Academic Organisations and member Board of studies of various universities. Now he established his own institution for research and academic activities under the banner of Marri Academy of Ayurveda, Hyderabad.


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