Servant of God: Sayings of a Self Realised Sage Swami Ramdas



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About the Book:

Never before have all the various facets of the teachings of Swami Ramdas (1884-1963) been brought together in one comprehensive volume.

Like a beautiful multicolored garland of fragrant flowers, Servant of God is a collection of extracts from the writings of Ramdas that are arranged under 101 chapter headings.

The very phrases of Ramdas form the chapter headings which range from “Adoration of the Lord’ to “Zoroaster Taught the Suzerainty of God”. The first word of a chapter heading indicates what it mainly contains. Thus the subject of LOVE predominates in the chapter “Love Breaks All Barriers”. The order of the chapter is determined by the alphabetical sequence of these first words. Therefore the CONTENTS list itself serves as a very useful subject index.

Ramdas was not only an extraordinary spiritual teacher but also a master of the English language. His books are among the leading classic of sacred literature because of their great inspirational value. Profound philosophical insights blend in well with moving devotional passages.

The chapter entitled “The Life of Swami Ramdas” by Susunaga Weeraperuma is a long and detailed account that is replete with fascinating anecdotes about this saint.

About the Author:

Susunaga Weeraperuma, a Doctor of Letters, lives in France. Although he was born in Sri Lanka where he was raised in the Buddhist religion, he has been spending most of his life in England, Australia, Switzerland, and France. After taking a Master’s degree in Economics and Political Science at London University, he qualified as Librarian and worked in the British Library and the South Australian Parliamentary Library. It was during his period that he wrote three books on Library Science and A Bibliography of the Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

After retiring early from his profession, Weeraperuma now devotes his time to spiritual practices, hatha yoga, gardening, and the writing of books. Hi is deeply acquainted with both Oriental and Occidental religious systems. Consequently, his writing are predominantly on philosophical and religious subjects. A skilled and vivacious writer who enjoys producing works of fiction and non-fiction, he is the author of two collections of short stories –The Holy Guru and Other Stories and The Stranger and Other Stories.

Some of Weeraperuma’s important books are as follows:
Major Religions of India
J. Krishnamurti: As I Knew Him
Living and Dying: From Moment to Moment
That Pathless Land
Bliss of Reality
Homage to Yogaswami
Divine Messengers of Our Time


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