The Chakra Handbook (From Basic Understanding to Practical Application)


The Chakra – Handbook: From basic understanding to practical application: A comprehensive guide to harmonizing the energy centers with music, colors, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zone massage, aspects of nature and meditation



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About the Book

Knowledge of the energy centers or chakras provides us with deep, comprehensive insight into the effects the subtle power has on the human organism. This book vividly describes the functioning and influence of the energy centres in a clear, easily understood manner.

For practical work with the chakras this book offers a wealth of possibilities: the application of sounds, colors, gemstones and fragrances with their own specific effects, augmented by meditation, breathing techniques, foot reflexology, massage of the chakra points and the instilling of universal life energy. The description of nature experiences, yoga practices and the relationship of each individual chakra to the Zodiac additionally provides inspiring and valuable insight.



At some point in life, nearly every human being asks him or herself the question, “Who am I?”, “Which powers work through me?”, “What are the capabilities still hidden in my innermost being?”, and “How can I realize my full potential for happiness and creativity?”

We believe that no other area of knowledge can answer these questions as thoroughly as the knowledge of the human energy centers, otherwise known as “chakras”. In learning to understand the full scope of the chakras’ purpose and way of functioning, we gain insight into the potential of man for perfection, a potential which is so fascinating and noble that all we can do is stand in awe of the miracle of Creation.

The purpose of this book is to help you recognize and realize this inherent human potential.

In order to work with the chakras effectively, it is not necessary to possess clairvoyant gifts or powers of any sort. You will, however, notice that your sensitivity in regard to the subtle levels will increase remarkably. You will also come to an understanding that will unite fragments of knowledge and experience into a perfectly comprehensible harmonious whole.

The activation and harmonization of the chakras is so easy that at certain points along the path we gained the impression that the knowledge of them is wrapped in mystery simply to prevent people from underestimating its intrinsic value, and to ensure that it is passed on from one generation to the next by the initiated. The fact that so many of us today are able to grasp and understand this treasury of knowledge may be due to recent evolutionary advancement.

Besides describing the chakras themselves and ways of working with them, this book also provides a number of easily learned exercises for harmonizing these energy centers. The techniques were chosen in a constellation that will bring about a gentle revitalization of the chakras as well as dissolution of blockages. It matters little which of these methods you choose to implement. All that is important is that you start to do one of them, because it is YOUR fulfilment that is at stake, your fulfilment in THIS life, here and now.

While you read this book and practice the therapies described, we hope you will feel as much love and respect for the laws of life as we were able to in the course of recognizing these interwoven relationships and formulating them for this book.


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