The Therapeutic Applications of Yoga



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Yoga is the gift of Indian wisdom to mankind and was practiced by ancient seers and philosophers for achieving health, happiness and harmony. Yoga, on par with medicines, surgical practices, mantras, is well accepted as a method of treatment. The applications of bodily exercises (asana), breath regulation (pranayama) and mental quieting (dhyana) ensure health and longevity. Though Vasista, Yajnavalkya and Patanjali considered yoga as samsara bhesaja, they never ignored its health benefits. The yoga of Yajnavalkya is unique in itself; it believes that the body is not a mere object but a cosmic process with limitless potential energies and is a key for several universal mysteries. For Yajnavalkya, yoga practice based on the principles of varnasramadharma, kandastana, marmastana, pancabhuta, tridosa, prana, agni, kundalini and others essentially develops insights into the events of life, which are necessary to health and healing.




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