Vedic Cosmology (Based on Selected Hymns of Rgveda And Atharvaveda)


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About the Book
Indian concept of the creation of the universe is well presented in the Vedas – especially in the Rgveda. The present book is a unique work in which the author tries to dig out this knowledge about the Mystery of the origin of the universe from the hymns of the Rgveda.

In this book, the author re-reads some of the hymns like Purusa SUktam and Nasadiya SUktam of the Rgveda to mine out valuable knowledge related to Cosmology. He also seeks the help of Gayatri mantras and some other hymns of the Rgveda to investigate the underlying patterns of a theory of the creation of the universe. In fact, he brings out the theory of the creation of the universe that occurred as a result of yajna. This book is also valuable to the Soma yajlia and the Atiratra, which are still prevalent in Kerala. He also finds close relationships between the Sulba sutra and the yajiza rituals which leads him to the underlying connection between mathematics and Rgveda.


About the Author
PARAMESWARAN MURTHIYEDATH after retirement from Engineering Services developed a keen interest in the study of Indian heritage. His research in the design and historical aspects of temples of Kerala for three years resulted in a book titled Natyamandapa and Kuthampalams (to be published by Sangit Natak Akademi, New Delhi).

His other books include Yajnavedikal (In Malayalam on the geometrical aspects of Yajna in Kerala), and a School level book on the basic geometrical operations as explained in Shulbasutras (in English and Malayalam). Next he is working on an independent interpretation of the Sutras of Baudhayana, Apastamba, Manava, and Katyayana.


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