Yogic Nadis (The Subtle Flow of Vibration)


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I am very happy to share with you that my first book Yogic Nadis – The subtle flow of vibration has finally come true with the support of chaukhambha orientalia publication and its people.


This book is based on the research work of yogic nadis. I always thought that ancient ayurvedic acharyas describe a lot about body (sharir) and its parts (Anga – pratyanga). Without the help of any instrument they explained microanatomy, embryology, histology etc. But in Neuroanatomy they only explained its functional part as the function of vata. When I go through sushruta samhita acharya sushrut stated that sharir knowledge is essential for ayurvedic physicians and yogis because yogis knew the structural part of all systems including the nervous system as nadi tantra. So I tried to focus on nadis as I found it in yogic and tantric literature. I tried my level best to make this book as easy as possible.


The salient features of this book are –

Brief and specific explanation of nadis in points with an easy language

Compare the system of ayurveda and yoga

Try to define nadi and related terms found in ayurveda and yogic texts

Quotation with their references are placed on every page as footnotes

Describe about nadi and its structural approach

Applied aspects of nadis that is useful for happy and healthy life

I hope that the book satisfies the demands of all the ayurveda and yogic followers who are interested to know about yogic nadis. This satisfaction is our prime motto of releasing the book. Still, I am a growing bud in this career, so I require your support and cooperation to improve the book quality. Any suggestions and comments are most welcome.


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